Italian film and culture: Women in the Mafia

FRIT M311 — Spring 2020

Colleen Ryan
Woodburn Hall 104
Days and Times
TR 2:30 p.m. - 3:45 p.m.
Course Description

Topic: Women in the Mafia


This course explores how gender and sexuality have been constructed and used in films about Italian organized crime, both in Italian and Italian American contexts. In particular, students will study women’s roles and representations in mafia stories on screen, from the time of the Italian Unification to the present. Through various socio-historical and psychological lenses, students will evaluate filmmakers’ ideological perspectives as well as the crucial roles women have played in the largely patriarchal and male dominant framework of mafia (and anti-mafia) activities. No previous knowledge of Italian or film studies is necessary. The tools and vocabulary to work closely with Italian cultural materials and with film will be provided as needed.

Joint-offered with MSCH-F 398, EURO-W 406

M311 is in English

Class number: 6607

3 credits

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