Decolonizing Science Fiction

COLL-X 101 — Spring 2021

Marco Arnaudo
Days and Times
Course Description

Course meets January 19th--February 5th

This 1-credit, 3-week class provides an introduction to the history of anti-black racism in the US, and covers a selection of sci-fi texts and movies that either exemplify the systemic racism of their time, or expose it and question it, as in the case of Afrofuturism. Science fiction is a particularly apt genre for this kind of investigation because it allows the authors to create allegories of their present, and to imagine different kinds of societies. Texts include short fiction by W. E. B. Du Bois and H.P. Lovecraft, a novel by Octavia Butler, Matt Ruff's novel Lovecraft Country (the source of the hit TV show), and the movie Black Panther. The class is entirely asynchronous. Students will complete their readings, watch pre-recorded lectures, and submit feedback essays. The professor will be available to discuss with the students during weekly office hours or by appointment.

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