Hutton Honors Study Abroad: Parisian Spaces

HON-H 251 — Spring 2021

Alison Calhoun
Days and Times
TR 3:15P - 4:30P
Course Description

Above class meets 2nd 8 weeks only.

Travelers lucky enough to travel to Paris usually manage to visit its iconic sites, but they rarely explore the extent to which Parisian spaces are also literary spaces. This seminar will consider that the allure of Paris, the world’s most visited city after Bangkok and London, is generated not only by the beauty of its urban landscape, but by the space’s unmatched tie to the art of writing. Students will explore how the geography of Paris is both physical and textual, meaning we can “read” the city when we experience it materially, and we can “read” the city when we engage with writing that strives to emulate urban spatiality. This seminar seeks to teach students from a wide range of disciplines to engage with the relationships between city and art, space and thought, science and culture. During the second 8-week course, students in this seminar will read texts about seven different Parisian spaces (one space per week). Alongside these readings, assignments will include an experiential element in which students are asked to “experience” (visit, test out, spend time in, etc.) the Bloomington equivalent of the type of space in question. Both types of assignments prepare students for the on-site, experiential component to be completed after the end of the semester during a two-week visit to Paris. In addition, in consultation with the Professor, each student will devise one research project (tied to the course theme) requiring on-site work during free days or free time in Paris. Grades will be based on weekly reading reactions, regular presentations on the objects of study, a journal students will keep during their time abroad, and an independent research project on a chosen topic to be turned in several weeks after the trip.

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