Race, Immigration and the Pandemic: French Perspectives

HON-H 234 — Spring 2021

Oana Panaïté
Days and Times
TR 3:15P - 4:30P
Course Description
Race, Immigration & the Pandemic : Francophone Perspectives

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus social, economic, and political concerns shared worldwide around systemic racism, class inequality, and ecological devastation. Readings and discussions of literary and non-literary works dealing with the legacy of colonialism and racism, immigration laws and behaviors, and public health policies in the French-speaking world vs. the US and other countries will allow us to understand differences in mentalities, perceptions, and forms of governance a imagine meaningful solutions to these crises. Reading and visual materials available on Canvas; students will have to acquire the volume Intimations by Zadie Smith (paper or e-version).

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