A Question of Love

COLL-C 103 — Spring 2023

Hall Bjørnstad
5156: MW SB 015; 31220: F GA 0003; 5186: F AD A151; 8850: F AD A151
Days and Times
5156: MW 10:20A-11:10A; 31220: F 9:10A-10:00A; 5186: F 10:20A-11:10A; 8850: F 11:30A-12:20P
Course Description

Fulfills GenEd A&H credit

Is love at first sight a result of hormonal processes, the intervention of capricious gods, the expression of human will, or pure accident? In this class we will explore love as phenomenon and as representation from multiple perspectives, taking advantage of the tools of cultural analysis, artistic and literary interpretation, and scientific research to answer questions such as: What is love in 2023? What was it in the past? What would we be without it? Material studied will include film and literature, painting and music, alongside scientific texts, critical works and essays. Student work includes a documentary project and a final project “Love 2023” analyzing one specific artistic expression from contemporary culture related to love – a novel, a film, a painting, a song etc. – as a way to discuss a wider cultural phenomenon.

COLL-C 103   # 5156    10:20A-11:10A           MW       SB 015            Bjornstad H

COLL-C 103   # 31220    9:10A-10:00A           F          GA 0003         Bjornstad H

COLL-C 103   # 5186    10:20A-11:10A            F          AD A151           Bjornstad H

COLL-C 103   # 8850    11:30A-12:20P            F          AD A151          Bjornstad H

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