Renaissance et révolution

FRIT F362 — Spring 2022

Alison Calhoun
BH 105
Days and Times
TR 9:45 A - 11:00 A
Course Description

Prerequisite: F300

This course will introduce students to a cultural history of France from the Renaissance to the Revolution. We will draw from diverse artefacts from France’s rich history to study new forms of political power, sociability, and religious creeds, along with a variety of cultural phenomena that shaped national identity, popular culture, and daily life. A significant portion of the course will focus on building vocabulary, style, and expression in French, so that students improve their listening, speaking, and writing skills. Grades will be based on two exams, two short essays, and participation in regular class assignments. This course is appropriate for students aiming to widen their knowledge of French history and culture, improve their language skills, or both.

The course will be conducted entirely in French.

Image: Château de Chambord (1519), from