Advanced Grammar

FRIT-F 313-31095 — Spring 2023

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Eric MacPhail
SY 006
Days and Times
MWF 1:50P-2:40P
Course Description

Prerequisite: FRIT-F 250 or FRIT-F 265; or appropriate placement test score.

This course has two aims: to summarize the grammar learned up to this level and to expand that knowledge of written and literary French grammar. In order to do so, we use Harper's Grammar of French by Samuel N. Rosenberg et al. and the exercise book. The semester goal is to give students a grammatical instrument in preparation for the reading-intensive courses at the F300 and 400 levels. The class will be graded through various types of small and big tests.

FRIT-F 313     #31095   1:50P-2:40P            MWF      SY 006            MacPhail E

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