Intro to French/Francophone Studies: Francophone Identities

FRIT F300 — Spring 2021

Alison Calhoun
WH 120
Days and Times
TR 9:25 -10:40A
Course Description

Prerequisite: F250, F265, equivalent or consent of department.

Is there such a thing as a “francophone identity”? How does it oppose itself to identifying as “French”? This introduction to French/Francophone Studies will focus on the theme of identity as authors develop it in diverse works of francophone literature, film, and theater across the centuries and the globe. Our discussions and analyses of our reading and viewing list each week (authors we will read include Montaigne, Reza, Anouilh, Mouawad, Shaheman, Laclos, Baudelaire, NDiaye, Molière, and Rimbaud) will focus on how protagonists and narrators question, search for, celebrate, or sometimes mask their origins as they struggle with their allegiances to categories of class, gender, religion, sexuality, ethnicity, family, and race. Class time will be used to work on analytical and critical thinking skills, pronunciation and grammar reviews, and engaging in workshops targeting tools for improving students' writing. Grades will be based on three short essays with re-writes, class preparation, reading comprehension quizzes, and a take-­‐home writing exercise. Course taught in French.

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