Intro to French/Francophone Studies: The Heart and its Reasons

FRIT F300 — Spring 2021

Margaret Gray
Days and Times
TR 11:30A - 12:45P
Course Description

Prerequisite: F250, F265, equivalent or consent of department.

“Le coeur a ses raisons, que la raison ne connaît pas” wrote seventeenth-century thinker Blaise Pascal in assessing the tangled relationship between love and reason which underlies many of our texts.  Beginning with Paul Eluard’s love lyric to “Liberté,” we will enjoy poems from both 19th and 20th centuries before turning to our play: Jean Anouilh’s Le Bal des Voleurs, with its depiction of true love as powerful social critique.  Our novel, David Foenkinos’s acclaimed La délicatesse, tackles issues of self-reconstruction after loss in a heart-warming love story; scenes from the film adaptation will be used to extend our reading.  We will conclude with a selection of short stories illuminating problems of moral responsibility (Albert Camus), voice (Henri Thomas) and point of view (Jean-Louis Curtis).  A variety of written and oral exercises will be required.

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