Masterpieces of Italian Literature: Trauma and Resilience

FRIT-M307 — Fall 2021

Akash Kumar
BH 233
Days and Times
1:10P-2:25P TR
Course Description

This course will consider Italian literature and culture of the premodern period through the lens of trauma and resilience. How can we move on in the wake of devastating disease, the loss of loved ones, violence and violation? How do writers and artists respond to being marginalized because of their gender, religion, or cultural orientation? We’ll range from medieval writers like Boccaccio, who writes in the wake of the bubonic plague, to the 17th century artist Artemisia Gentileschi, who creates extraordinary paintings of powerful women in response to the trauma of loss and sexual violation.

Image: The Dance of Death (1493) by Michael Wolgemut, from the Nuremberg Chronicle of Hartmann Schedel (Wikimedia)

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