Accelerated Second-Year Italian

FRIT-M215 — Fall 2023

Roma - Colosseo.
Course Description

Prerequisite: M115 or equivalent (M100 and M150)

Fulfills GenEd World Languages requirement

Italian language course supervisor: Dr. Karolina Serafin

This intensive intermediate-level Italian course covers the material of two semesters in one (M200 and M250). The course builds upon the first three semesters of beginning Italian (or equivalent) adding the unique feature of short films as the first stimulus for learning intermediate-level vocabulary, grammar, and cultural concepts. The various activities aim to strengthen proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing, and students will gain the ability to understand, evaluate, compare, and appreciate many aspects of Italian culture. The course is fast-paced and very rewarding. It is recommended for students with previous experience learning foreign languages (specifically Romance languages). Credit given for only one of the following: M215 or M200-M250.

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