Advanced Grammar-#1961

FRIT-F313 — Fall 2022

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Alison Calhoun
GA 0011
Days and Times
MWF 11:30AM - 12:20PM
Course Description

The approach this course will take to advanced French grammar will be a fast-paced review of the material you have already covered coupled with an intensive study of that grammar in a literary and critical context supplied in our textbook as well as students' own writing. This course uses Contrastes, heavily supplemented by additional materials through Canvas. The goal of the course is to serve either as a complimentary grammar course to be taken simultaneously with F300 or as a springboard course preparing the student for F300 and beyond. Course grades will be based on the best 10 of 12 weekly quizzes (50%), a midterm (15%), a final (20%), and class preparation (15%). 


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