Advanced Grammar-#1960

FRIT-F313 — Fall 2022

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Kevin Rottet
BH 245
Days and Times
MWF 10:20AM - 11:10AM
Course Description

This course is designed to (a) build upon the intermediate student’s existing knowledge of major French grammar points through intensive study and (b) develop a more sophisticated mastery of advanced structures in preparation for F300 and beyond (including possible study abroad). By the end of this course, students should be able not only to speak and write more precisely on a range of topics but also to read and produce literary and academic writing with greater ease. We will supplement the text, Contrastes (Rochat, 2nd Edition), and the Workbook with supplemental readings and materials from French and Francophone culture (e.g., newspaper and magazine articles, literary works, film). Grades will be based on daily preparation and homework, class participation, short writing assignments, quizzes, tests, and a cumulative final exam.


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