Intro to French/Francophone Studies: Stories and scandals

FRIT-F300 — Fall 2020

Victoria Lagrange
Days and Times
4:55PM - 6:10PM TR
Course Description
From Page to Screen: Stories and scandals

What is a scandal? Why is it such powerful storytelling material? Is telling the story of a scandal an act of subversion? This course will serve as an introduction to French and Francophone studies through stories revolving around the theme of scandals. We will read, watch, and interpret stories and representations of scandal as they are depicted in both literary texts and in adaptations to other visual media (such as films and graphic novels). We will also explore storytelling via the study of classic works like Barbe bleue, Madame Bovary, Les Tragiques, and J’accuse... ! and their contemporary adaptations that depict scandals of a romantic, political and criminal nature.

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