Intro to French/Francophone Studies: Imagining Self and Others

FRIT-F300-14345 — Fall 2021

Hall Bjørnstad
SY 037
Days and Times
9:25A - 10:40A, MW
Course Description
This introduction to French and Francophone studies will prepare you for higher level courses by honing your linguistic preparation (all four language skills), your textual literacy (through close reading and literary analysis) and your cultural competency (by reading literary texts from a wide range of genres, periods, traditions and origins). More specifically, we will explore the dynamic of “Imagining Self and Other” at work in literary texts, but also between different texts and traditions, as well as in our own engagement with French and Francophone culture. Authors studied include Calixthe Beyala, Patrick Chamoiseau, Annie Ernaux, Édouard Glissant, Madame de Lafayette, Marie NDiaye, Blaise Pascal, Charles Perrault, Marcel Proust, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

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