Black/Italian/White: Identity and Belonging between America and Italy

FRIT-M222 — Fall 2022

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Colleen Ryan
GA 1134
Days and Times
T 11:30A -12:45P
Course Description

This course explores Italy’s colonial past and racial history to understand the contemporary challenges that a multicultural Italy faces and the immigration experience of Italians in the United States throughout the last 150 years.

Students will gain an understanding of Italian and American history in tandem through the lenses of racial and ethnic identity and they will analyze the ways in which social and cultural constructs such as race and ethnicity, as well as gender and sexuality, have influenced the images and identities of Italians over the last century.

With a focus on meanings and representations of blackness and whiteness in a variety of Italian and Italian-American cultural products (cinema, literature, music, print and digital media), we will discuss and reflect on what has and continues to constitute Italian-ness in the domestic-European and international spheres.

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