La Francophonie Nord-Americaine

FRIT-F460 — Fall 2023

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Vincent Bouchard
Course Description

Prerequisite: Two courses from FRIT-F 305, F 306, F 361, F 362, F 363, F 364, F 375; or one course from FRIT-F 222, F 225, F 226, F 227, F 310, F 311 and one course from FRIT-F 305, F 306, F 361, F 362, F 363, F 364, F 375; or department consent

In this class, we will explore Francophones cultures in North America, addressing various aspects: architecture, cooking, music, folklore, literature, cinema, radio, and digital arts. From the colonial times (Nouvelle-France and Louisiane) until the contemporary period, we will study cultural productions as shaped by the specific conditions of the French-speaking communities (Acadiens, Canadiens français, Créoles, Franco-Ontariens, Québécois, etc.): their experience as minorities on their continent, in their country and (sometimes) even in their province; their relationships with a great variety of other groups (Native Americans, British, Métis, Protestants, etc.); their perspectives from a position between traditional customs (Catholicism, French, ) and present projects (open to a Global World).

COLL (CASE) A&H Breadth of Inquiry credit

COLL (CASE) Global Civ & Culture credit

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