French/Francophone Studies Through Film: History of French Cinema

FRIT-F311 — Fall 2019

French film director, François Truffaut.
Brett Bowles
WH 104
Days and Times
11:15A-12:30P TR
Course Description

Above class meets with MSCH-F 398 and EURO-W 406.

Organized chronologically, this interdisciplinary course traces the development of French cinema from its origins through the present using fourteen exemplary films. We will approach film not only as a form of art and as an expression of French cultural specificity, but as an economic commodity, a tool of socio-political discourse, and a repository of collective memory. Methodologically, we will integrate close analysis of the films' form and content with contextual information related to their production, distribution, and reception. Assignments will include reading response papers, longer analytical essays, in-class exams, and active participation in discussions.

This course will be taught entirely in English. All readings will be in English. Films will be in French with English subtitles.

Does not count for minor but does count for French major.

Image attribution: Brazilian National Archives [Public domain]

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