Shards of Self: Petrarch and Petrarchism

FRIT-M503 — Spring 2022

Akash Kumar
LH 112
Days and Times
T 4:45 P - 6:45 P
Course Description

This course will comprise a full reading of Francesco Petrarca’s groundbreaking 14th-century collection of poetry, Rerum vulgarium fragmenta, interspersed throughout with explorations of the global phenomenon of Petrarchism. We will carefully interrogate the primary text, forming a critical apparatus that balances contemporary Petrarch scholarship, broader attention to medieval and Renaissance lyric, and issues of intertextuality, medievalism, and reception that emerge in our global Petrarchists. We will focus especially on issues of gender and cross-cultural interaction, refining our critical approach to Petrarch by means of what we find in successors such as women of the Italian Renaissance and contemporary American poets such as Wanda Coleman.

Meets with MEST-M 502.

Image: Portrait of Petrarch (first half of 16th century) from Wikipedia