Dante: Lyric and Epic, Philosophy and Science

FRIT-M501 — Spring 2020

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Akash Kumar
BH 142
Days and Times
4:00P-6:00P T
Course Description

Dante: Lyric and Epic, Philosophy and Science

This course will present a full reading of Dante’s Commedia with attention to the current status of the field of Dante Studies as it is practiced both in Italian and Anglo-American spheres. Particular attention will be given to Dante’s identity as a lyric poet from first to last, beginning with a reading of his youthful poetry and considering how these strands of lyric identity find their expression in the Commedia. We will also explore how the language of science and philosophy, already experimented with in Dante’s lyric corpus and in the poetry of 13th-century Italy that informs it, forms an essential part of the foundation of Dante’s masterpiece and can transform how we approach the poem.

Course meets with MEST-M 502

Class # 30590

Class # 30630 (4 credits, obtain permission from Dr. Kumar at akakumar@iu.edu )

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