Le XVIIIe siècle: L’essai

FRIT-F535 WEB — Summer 2020: Second 6-week session

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Eric MacPhail
Days and Times
1:00P - 3:00P TR
Course Description

Topic: Introduction to French Thought

From routine class assignment to refined literary genre, the essay is one of the key features of French studies. This class proposes to explore the history and the potential of the essay form by examining some of the masters of the genre, beginning with its inventor Michel de Montaigne. We will also read essays by the Enlightenment philosopher Pierre Bayle and the contemporary thinker Michel Serres. The class will meet twice a week, two hours each time, by Zoom. In lieu of a final exam, the students will write an essay (naturally) on a subject chosen in consultation with the professor.

Obtain online permission from the Graduate Student Services Coordinator.

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