Introduction to Media Studies

FRIT-F 652 — Spring 2023

Vincent Bouchard
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Description: In this seminar we will explore the theoretical foundations of Cultural Studies, focusing specifically on the meeting point between Media, Film, Reception, Popular, and Screen Studies. If, historically, Media and Cultures have shaped and reflected every society, the study of their complex relationship to philosophical, political, anthropological, and technical questions emerged in the 1950s and is slowly becoming a point of methodological reference in the Humanities. Better understanding the theoretical background from which Cultural Studies arises is an excellent introduction to this interdisciplinary field. At the same time, this philological introspection will allow us to explore some of its new avenues, through the use of specific case studies.

Objectives: This course will encourage students to develop a critical point of view on concepts like ideologies, institutions, representation, nation, community, media configurations, practices, consumerism, etc. In exploring a new theoretical framework, students will be guided to take ownership of the new concepts and to develop new paths in their own research field.

FRIT-F 652      #31168    3:00P-5:30P            ARR    ARR       Bouchard V

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