Kevin Rottet

Kevin Rottet

Director of Graduate Studies, French Linguistics

Associate Professor, French and Italian

Adjunct Associate Professor, Linguistics


  • Ph.D., Linguistics and French Linguistics, Indiana University, 1995
  • M.A., French Linguistics, Indiana University, 1991
  • M.A., Romance Linguistics, University of Michigan, 1990
  • B.A., French, Central Michigan University, 1988

Research areas

  • Language contact (Louisiana French, Welsh, Breton)
  • Lexicology and lexicography
  • Pidgins and creoles
  • Minority, regional and endangered languages

About Kevin Rottet

Most of my research involves three different settings where an endangered minority language is in intense contact with a socially dominant world language: Louisiana French and English, Welsh and English, and Breton and French. I am especially interested in contact-induced structural and grammatical change, such as the question of how a language's typological profile with respect to the expression of motion events (Talmy 1985) may be influenced by intense contact with a language of a different profile. I am also interested in the lexicography of minority languages, and currently I am working on an etymological/historical dictionary of Louisiana French. I have recently completed a co-authored book on the comparative structure of Welsh and English as seen through the lens of a translation corpus. At the graduate level I teach courses on language contact, lexicography, the structure of Breton, pidgin and creole linguistics, and Applied French linguistics, and I have occasionally taught Welsh through European Studies. Other interests include French historical linguistics and dialectology

Selected publications

  • Comparative Stylistics of Welsh and English: Arddulleg y Gymraeg. With Steve Morris (Swansea, Wales). The University of Wales Press (2018)
  • Dictionary of Louisiana French As Spoken in Cajun, Creole and American Indian Communities. Senior editor: Albert Valdman. Associate Editor: Kevin J. Rottet. Assistant Editors: Barry Ancelet, Richard Guidry, Thomas A. Klingler, Amanda Lafleur, Tamara Lindner, Michael Picone, Dominique Ryon. University Press of Mississippi (2009)
  • History, Society and Variation: In Honor of Albert Valdman. Creole Language Library volume 28, edited by Clancy Clements, Thomas A. Klingler, Deborah Piston-Hatlen and Kevin J. Rottet. Amsterdam: John Benjamins (2006)
  • Language Shift in the Coastal Marshes of Louisiana. Studies in Ethnolinguistics, vol. 8. Rottet, Kevin J. Series editor Glen Gilbert. New York: Peter Lang Publishers (2001)
  • Dictionary of Louisiana Creole. Valdman, Albert, Thomas A. Klingler, Margaret M. Marshall, and Kevin J. Rottet.Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press (1998)
  • Translation and contact languages: The case of motion events.” Babel (Revue Internationale de la Traduction / International Journal of Translation) 63 (4) : 523-555. (2017)
  • “Une étude de cas sur les résultats des programmes d'immersion française en Louisiane.” With Jennifer Betters. In La jeune francophonie américaine: Langue et culture chez les jeunes d'héritage francophone aux Etats-Unis, ed. by Joseph Price. Paris: L'Harmattan, pp. 81-114. (2017)
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  • “Neology, competing authenticities and the lexicography of regional languages: The case of Breton.” Dictionaries 35: 208-247. (2014)
  • “Conjunctive pronouns in Modern Welsh: A preliminary corpus-based study.” In K. Jaskuła (ed.) Formal and Historical Approaches to Celtic Languages, special issue of Lublin Studies in Celtic Languages volume 7: 233-253. Lublin: Wydawnictwo KUL. (2011)
  • “Le conditionnel passé en français louisianais.” In France Martineau and Terry Nadasdi (eds.), Le français en contact. Presses de l’Université Laval, 299-330. (2011)
  • “Language contact in Welsh and Breton: The case of reflexive and reciprocal verbs” IULC Working Papers 9: New Perspectives on Language Contact and Contact-Induced Language Change. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Linguistics Club, edited by Clements, J. Clancy, Solon, Megan Elizabeth, Siegel, Jason F. and Steiner, B. Devan, pp. 61-82.(2010)
  • "Tag questions in Welsh." Co-authored with Rex Sprouse. Diachronica 25 (1): 20-53. (2008)
  • "Women in the Welsh Workplace: Linguistic Trends in Feminization as Reflected in Contemporary Journalism." IUWPL7: Gender in Language: Classic Questions, New Contexts, edited by Jason F. Siegel, Traci C. Nagle, Amandine Lorente-Lapole, and Julie Auger, pp. 115-133. Bloomington, IN: IULC Publications. (2008)
  • "Interrogative Pronouns in Louisiana Creole and the Multiple Genesis Hypothesis." In History, Society and Variation: In Honor of Albert Valdman. Creole Language Library volume 28, edited by Clancy Clements, Thomas A. Klingler, Deborah Piston-Hatlen and Kevin J. Rottet. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. (2006)
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  • "Vers un dictionnaire du français de Louisiane." Coauthored with Albert Valdman. Etudes francophones 21: 60-78 (2006)
  • "Phrasal verbs and English influence in Welsh." Word 56.1: 39-70. (2005)
  • "Inanimate interrogatives and settlement patterns in Francophone Louisiana." Journal of French Language Studies 14.2 : 169-188 (2004)
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  • "A structural sketch of the Cajun French Spoken in Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes." Co-authored with Robert Papen. In Albert Valdman (ed.), French and Creole in Louisiana. New York: Plenum, 71-108 (1997)

Courses taught

  • Structure of Breton
  • Contrastive Structure of French and English
  • Advanced French Grammar
  • French Phonetics and Pronunciation
  • French Conversation
  • Structure and Development of French
  • Introduction to Applied French Linguistics
  • Endangered Languages and Revitalization
  • Lexicology and Lexicography
  • Bilingualism and Language Contact
  • Pidgin and Creole Linguistics
  • Beginning Welsh I and II

Honors, fellowships, & awards

  • Trustees Teaching Award (2013)
  • Book of the Year Award for The Dictionary of Louisiana French As Spoken in Cajun, Creole and American Indiana Communities (Senior editor: Albert Valdman; Associate Editor: Kevin Rottet), the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities (2011)
  • College Arts & Humanities Institute (CAHI) Travel and Research Grant for the sabbatical project "Collaborative Research on a Corpus os Spoken Welsh" (awarded 2009 for spring 2010)