Tutors and Translators

The Department of French and Italian does not coordinate tutoring, but we do provide the following list of endorsed tutors, most of whom are graduate students in our programs. Tutors set their own rates and coordinate their own meetings with students. The average rate is $20 per hour.

Several of the individuals below also have skills and experience in translation—see their individual descriptions of their qualifications. Translators may set their rates per hour or according to the number of words/pages translated.

This list is updated at the beginning of fall and spring semesters, and in mid-May for the summer.

Yuanshuai Cuicuiyua
EducationCurrent M.A. in French and Francophone Studies, Indiana University; M.M. in Piano Performance, IU Jacobs School of Music; B.A. in French and Music, Allegheny College.
Teaching experienceAllegheny College: 1st, 2nd, 3rd semester French conversation laboratories; IU: 1st semester French (French 100)
Tutoring experienceI have 4 years of experience tutoring college-level French, as well as helping voice majors with French diction. I also tutor English, especially for TOEFL exam.
Special skillsNative speaker of Chinese. Accompaniment and coaching in French diction for voice majors.
Kelly Kasper-Cushmankmkasper
EducationCurrent PhD student in French and General Linguistics; MA, French Linguistics, IU; MA, Romance Languages, University of Missouri-Kansas City; BA, Anthropology, University of Minnesota
Teaching experience2.5 years at IU, have taught first-, second-, and third-semester French courses at IU, as well as French for Reading Knowledge. Have also taught linguistics to American high school students in France
Tutoring experienceHave tutored high school- and college-level learners of French, as well as adult learners of English
Special skillsSpecialization in French and General Linguistics
Laura Demseyldemsey
EducationCurrent PhD student in French Linguistics; MA, French Linguistics, IU; BA, French and Linguistics (double major), Binghamton University
Teaching experience2.5 years teaching 100-300 level French courses at IU (including F100, F150, F200, F316); 2 summers teaching French culture to high school students abroad with IUHPFL; 1 semester teaching Francophone culture course for IU's Lifelong Learning program; 2.5 years coordinating co-curricular programming at the IU Global Village LLC and for the IU French Club.
Tutoring experience3.5 years French tutoring experience at IU and in the Bloomington community; 2 years previous college-level tutoring experience (French, English, and algebra).
Translating experienceTranslated owner's manuals and other promotional literature from English to French.
Special skillsExperience tutoring all ages and levels - early childhood through retirement age - including focused tutoring for IU college-level French courses; teaching informed by second language acquisition and bilingualism research; knowledge of specialized vocabulary in mechanical and musical fields of study.
Charlene Gilbertcg25
Native speakerYes
EducationBA English Studies (Université Montpellier III), MA English Linguistics (Université Paris Diderot), MA French Studies (University of Arizona) - currently PhD student in French Linguistics at Indiana University
Teaching experience3 years teaching experience at the University of Arizona (taught levels 101 through 302) and 2 years at Indiana University (levels 100 through 300)
Tutoring experienceHas been tutoring high school and college students in French for 6 years
Translating experienceTranslated a sociology article into French for publication, and proofread a novel for French publication
Leila El-Murr Email French Department
Native speakerYes
EducationB.Sc. in Chemistry, McGill University; M.A. in Islamic Studies, McGill University
Teaching experienceTaught French 1 year for non native speakers in France
Tutoring experienceIB French, AP French, French as a Second Language for elementary and secondary school children
Translating experienceSimultaneous translation in the field of inter-religious dialogue (particularly pertaining to Muslims and Christians), agri-food engineering translator
Special skillsIslamic studies, agri-food engineering, chemistry
Cynthia Kankockanko
Native speakerNear Native (grew up and went to school in a French speaking country)
EducationMA, French, IU; MA French and Francophone World Studies, University of Iowa [UI] ) BA (double major - English and French, KNUST - Ghana)
Teaching experience4+ years teaching experience in IU French language program; 2 years teaching experience in University of Iowa language program
Tutoring experienceTutored graduate, undergraduate and high school students in French both at IU and UI. Tutored professionals who either love French or require it in their professions
Translating experienceTranslated legal and other texts for individuals
Special skillsFamiliar with difficulties encountered by students at various levels of the learning of French
William Lebbsblebbs
EducationCurrent PhD student in French Linguistics and Second Language Studies, IU; MA in French, emphasis in Teaching French as a Foreign Language, University of Arizona; BA in French, University of Arizona
Teaching experienceIndiana University: Associate Instructor of French, 1st semester (French 100); University of Arizona: Graduate Assistant Teacher, 1st to 4th semester (French 101 – 202) & Pronunciation and French Phonetics (French 301, typically taken in 5th semester).
Tutoring experienceTwo years of experience tutoring college-level French and 1 year of experience tutoring English
Special skillsSpecialization in teaching French as a Foreign Language and in Second Language Studies
Jade Liujadeliu
EducationCurrent graduate student in French/Francophone Studies; MA in French, UC Davis; MS in Food Science, UC Davis; BA in French and Anthropology, UC Berkeley, BS in Nutritional Sciences, UC Berkeley
Teaching experienceTaught French to elementary school children (2 years for a before-school program) and high school students (1 summer at an immersion summer camp); taught English to French speakers in France (1 year with TAPIF); TA'd food chemistry, clinical nutrition, enzymology, human evolutionary biology, and food, folklore, and health (2 years at UC Davis)
Tutoring experienceTutored middle school, high school, and college students in French (4 years); tutored French students in English (1 year)
Translating experienceTranslated food packaging and clinical trials for an organization aimed at reducing malnutrition in Haiti; took four translation courses at both the graduate and undergraduate level, in France and in the U.S.
Special skillsNative bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese; familiar with the biological and social sciences
Martin Maillotmmaillot
Native speakerYes
EducationMA in Translation Studies, (Angers, France), MA in French Linguistics, Indiana University
Teaching experienceAssociate Instructor of French since 2013 at Indiana University. IUHPFL instructor (summer 2014, 2015, 2017)
Tutoring experienceTutored both high school and college level students
Translating experienceMA in Translation (2011)
Special SkillsFrench vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation
Sabine Rèchesreche
Native speakerYes
EducationBA and Master’s Degree in Biological Studies (Université Grenoble Alpes), Master in School Teaching (Université Grenoble Alpes).
Teaching experience4 years teaching experience in France as a full-time school teacher. Taught French for non-native speakers’ children for 2 years in France.
Tutoring experienceTutored several students at multiple levels (elementary to high school) in French for 3 years in France.
Special skillsMedical - Biological knowledge.
Apoorva Sarmalasarmal
EducationCurrent MA student in French Linguistics; BA, French, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point + BS, Business Administration (double degree), University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Teaching experience1 year teaching French courses at IU (F100 and F150), teaching F200 over the summer
Tutoring experience2 semesters tutoring experience to undergraduates in University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point; 2 years experience tutoring French to middle school students in the New Delhi metropolis
Special skillsknowledge of specialized vocabulary in Business and Psychology; native speaker of Hindi, fluent speaker of Punjabi and Dogri; informed by Applied linguistics, and teaching pedagogy
Chase Tiffanycjtiffan
EducationB.A. Spanish & French Language and Literature (Minors in Music, Classics, and Linguistics) - Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (2017)
Teaching experienceCurrently teaching F100 (First course in French) at IU
Tutoring experience2 Years of Undergraduate Spanish/French Tutoring, 2+ Years of Online French, Spanish, and English Tutoring
Translation experienceTranslation Intern for Spanish NGO Agua de Coco
Special skillsExperience Working with Cross-Language Tutoring/Translating (Spanish to French/French to Spanish), Knowledgeable of both Canadian French and Metropolitan French
Jessica Tindirajtindira
EducationCurrent PhD student in French/Francophone Studies, BA, French Literature and English (Kenyon College), MA French/Francophone Studies (Indiana University), Master of Arts in Teaching (Earlham College)
Teaching experienceTaught first, second, third and fourth semester French courses and F115 (accelerated first year course) at IU, currently teaching "French for Reading Knowledge" at IU
Tutoring experienceHave experience tutoring high school and college students in French
Renata Uzzellrcuzzell
EducationCurrent PhD student in French Linguistics; MA, French Linguistics, IU; MA, French Language, Literature and Civilization, Middlebury College; BA, French, Wellesley College
Teaching experience4 years at IU teaching first- through third- year French courses (including F100, F150, F200, F250, F316) and French for Reading Knowledge (F491). 2 summers teaching French culture to high school students with IUHPFL. 4 years of introductory French for adults at the Alliance française de Philadelphie (F100-F150 equivalency)
Tutoring experienceHave tutored high school and adult learners of French, as well as middle school- and high school- learners of English
Translating experienceHave translated various legal documents from France and a variety of Francophone countries
Special skillsSpecialization in French Linguistics
Marzia Bagnascomarzbagn
Native speakerYes
EducationMA, Italian, Indiana University 2017; Master's in Teaching Italian as a foreign language, University of Palermo. MA in Modern Philology and Italian studies, University of Palermo (Italy) BA in Italian Literature, University of Palermo (Italy)
Teaching experienceIU Italian language program; also taught Italian to foreign students in Italy, The Netherlands, and Bulgaria
Tutoring experienceTwo years of tutoring experience with IU students (including PhD students) and adults (speaking skills and grammar). Also, tutored international students at the University of Palermo
Translating experienceFrom English to Italian: subtitles of Cantonese Rise, a film by Mia Ma 2015 for the Soleluna Festival (International Documentary Film Festival, Palermo, 2015)
Special skillsExperience in conversation tutoring; Familiar with Southern Italian culture (with a particular interest in Sicilian culture and landscape, Mediterranean lifestyle, and regional food).
Rosa Borgonovirosaborg
Native speakerYes
EducationMA at IU; two years advanced degree in Modern American and European Languages and Literature; first degree in Modern Languages and Cultures
Teaching experienceAI in IU Italian Language Program; also taught Italian as a foreign language and English language in the high school environment in Italy
Tutoring experienceTutored high school students in Italy
Translating experienceExperience with translations from English to Italian
Special skillsLiterature, music and Italian cuisine
Leonardo Cabrinilcabrini
Native speakerYes
EducationPhD Student in Italian Studies, IU Bloomington; MA Italian Studies, IU Bloomington; MA, Cinema Television and Multimedia Production (Bologna); BA Art Drama and Music (Bologna)
Teaching experienceThird year of Italian teaching as Associate Instructor and Graduate Assistant
Tutoring experienceTutored middle and high school students in Italy
Special skillsFamiliar with everyday language, literature and everything concerning Cinema, Television, Music, Art
Sara Dallavallesaradall
Native speakerYes
EducationPhD Candidate, Italian Studies, Indiana University; MA, Italian Studies, Indiana University; MA, English and Spanish Specialized Translation, IULM Milan, Italy; BA, Foreign Language and Culture (English and Spanish), University of Pavia, Italy
Teaching experience5 years of teaching experience at IU, taught all courses from M100 to M300 and GenEd, hybrid and online format, in Bloomington and abroad. Also taught English in Italy
Tutoring experienceTutored all Italian levels for the Italian Program at IU
Translating experienceTranslated literary and scientific texts from English and Spanish to Italian
Special skillsFamiliar with Italian pop culture, especially comics, films and TV shows, and music
Lisa Dolasinskildolasin
Education3rd year PhD student, Italian, IU; MA, Italian, University of Pittsburgh, BA, Italian, The Ohio State University
Teaching experienceAI Indiana University; High School Instructor, Poland High School and Lowellville High School, 6 months; Instructor, Youngstown State University, 1 year; Instructor, YSU Metro College, 1 semester; Teaching Assistant, University of Pittsburgh, 2 years; experience designing and teaching courses for adult language learners and elementary-aged students; taught English to Italian high school students, 3 months
Tutoring experience Experience tutoring college students as well as elementary-aged students
Translating experienceLadder Logic translation from Italian to English, Commercial Metal Forming, Youngstown, OH; Birth certificates
Special skillsDegree in Italian education with a focus on pedagogy (Youngstown State University, 2012); Attended Symposium/Workshop for Italian Teachers, Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ (Completed 7 Professionalization Hours)
Giorgio Losilosig
Native speakerYes
EducationMA student in Italian Literature at IU; MA student in Classics, Università Cattolica di Milano
Teaching experienceAI in IU Italian Language Program
Tutoring experienceStudents rep at Università Cattolica di Milano, Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia
Translating experienceTranslated one essay and a chapter of a book for publication
Special skillsCritical Animal Studies, Ancient Philosophy
Francesca Grixonifgrixoni
Native speakerYes
EducationItalian High School Diploma, currently studying at University of Bologna majoring in Cultural and Linguistic Mediation, current exchange student at IU for Fall 2016
Tutoring experience2 years tutoring experience in Italy
Translating experienceTranslated some personal letters from Italian to English
Special skillsFamiliar with everyday language, literature and almost everything concerning pop culture
Pantalea Mazzitellopamazzi
Native speakerYes
Education1 year MA in Italian Literature at IU; PhD in Romance Philology and Italianistic Studies, Università di Parma; MA, Modern Philology, Università di Parma; BA, Modern Literature, Università di Parma
Teaching experiencetaught Italian as a foreign language in Italy, preparation for Italian proficiency test from beginners to advanced
Tutoring experiencetutored high school students in Italy
Translating experienceExperience with translations from English to Italian
Special skillsMiddle Age Literature, familiar with Italian popular traditions, dialects and Folklore
Lino Mionilmioni
Native speakerYes
EducationBA in English and German 1997, BA in Italian and Portuguese 2000, MA in Linguistics 2003, MA in Italian 2005, Post Graduate Diploma in Information and Library Management 2012
Teaching experience3 semesters at Indiana University, 6 years at the University of Georgia, 2 years at Ohio State University
Tutoring experience2 semesters at the Rankin M. Smith, Sr. Student-Athlete Academic Center of the University of Georgia
Translating experienceSeveral years of translating experience from English to Italian
Special skillsItalian diction for singers, linguistics
Carlotta Paltriniericarlpalt
Native speakerYes
EducationPhD candidate, Italian, IU; MA, Italian, IU; BA Spanish and Portuguese Literature at University of Bologna
Teaching experience3 years teaching experience in IU Italian language program; Also taught Spanish and English in Italy
Tutoring experienceTutored high school students in Italy and college students at IU
Translating experienceTranslated medical texts for IUPUI med school
Special skillsFamiliar with Italian dialects and traditions
Emma Pcolinskieepcolin
Native speakernative speaker of English, near-native fluency in Italian
EducationMA Indiana University Italian studies, BA College of the Holy Cross English and Italian
Teaching experienceIU Associate Instructor, taught language 2 years in Italy
Tutoring experience3 years experience in language tutoring (both English and Italian), as well as 1 year tutoring experience in literature (Dante’s Divina Commedia)
Translating experienceAided in the translation of short academic papers in the recent past
Special skills19th Century Italy, Medieval Italy, Preparing for Italian study-abroad experiences
Francesco Samarinifsamarin
Native speakerYes
EducationCurrently MA student in Italian Literature at IU, PhD in Italian Literature, Università Cattolica di Milano; MA, Modern Philology, Università Cattolica di Milano; BA, Modern Literature, Università Cattolica di Brescia
Teaching experienceAI in IU Italian Language Program; Teaching Assistant, Italian Literature, Università Cattolica di Milano, 2014-2016; Italian Assistant Teacher, Mercedes College (Perth, Australia), 2015
Tutoring experienceTutor for the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy, Università Cattolica di Milano, 2016; experience tutoring College and University students in Italy and in Australia
Special skillsfamiliar with both pop culture and literature/art
Carlotta Vacchellicvacchel
Native speakerYes
EducationPhD Candidate, Italian, IU; MA, Italian, IU; Modern Philology (Literature, Theatre and Cinema), University of Pavia, Italy; BA, Italian Literature, University of Pavia, Italy
Teaching experienceIU Italian program, intermediate classes
Tutoring experienceTutored Humanities (especially Italian and Latin Literature and Language) in Italian high schools
Translating experienceTranslated literary and scientific texts for University of Pavia (Visual Art and Cinema department)
Special skillsDegree in Italy with a thesis on Italian Linguistics of Dialogue (BA level) and Italian Graphic Novel and Contemporary Illustrated book (MA level). Familiar with Contemporary Italian Novel and Graphic Novel.
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