The Italian Program


Italian is...The language of art, music, fashion, design, international commerce, finance, economics and technology. The culture of inventors, scientists, mathematicians, musicians, explorers, poets, playwrights, and world-renowned athletes. Let Italian be your passport to the world and global citizenship, your window onto diverse perspectives, career paths, and passions. All here at Indiana University!

Through a rich variety of courses, activities outside the classroom, and programs for study abroad, you can attain advanced language skills and intercultural competencies that will render your career profile unique. Indeed, whatever profession you choose, the ability to engage, interact, and appreciate the people, products, practices, and perspectives of other cultures will set you apart because it will endow you with the rich combination of both analytical and creative skills that employers avidly seek.

Here are just some of the opportunities that await you in the Italian Program at IU!

In class, some of our topics include:

  • Italian language through Fashion, through Cuisine, or through Opera
  • Masterpieces of Italian literature from Dante to Elsa Morante
  • Italian Theater Workshop and Public Speaking
  • Great films from Neorealism to Italian-Style Comedy to Fellini
  • Contemporary and Popular Italian Culture (Comic Books, Graphic Novels and more)
  • The Myth of Rome and Renaissance Florence
  • Journeys and Migrations, from Italy to the Rest of the World
  • Eat, Live, Die: Food and Family in Italian American Culture

After class, activities include:

  • Sharing your hobbies and talents in Italian
  • Playing Italian games, preparing Italian foods and drinks at Circolo Italiano
  • Attending Italian films, operas, and theater events
  • Enjoying expert authors and artists speak about their work
  • Playing soccer, singing karaoke, joining a bocce team

At home, through IU’s residential programs:

  • Foster Global Village Living-Learning Center - a multi-lingual dorm with activities exploring world cultures
  • Collins Living-Learning Center – an artistic atmosphere with international guests in the heart of campus

Immersion experiences abroad:

  • IU's Florence summer program
  • IU's Bologna program – A 50 year tradition (semester, year)
  • Over 15 IU co-sponsored programs in Italy (summer, semester, year)

Prizes, Honors, Internships, and Awards:

  • Gamma Kappa Alpha Honors Society and Essay Contest
  • American Association of Teachers of Italian Essay Contest
  • National Italian American Foundation Scholarship Contest
  • Study Abroad Scholarships
  • Teaching Internships in the Lombardy region of Italy (3-6 and 9 months)
  • Academic Excellence Awards
  • Honors Thesis in Italian (3-6 credits)

Hands-on Faculty and Highly Personalized Advising

Contact Professor Colleen Ryan ( today to start creating your path to the Italian major or minor!

Major: 30 credit hours, 9-10 courses (1 or 2 courses may be in English)

Minor: 15 credit hours, 4-5 courses

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