Overseas Study in Italian

Studying abroad is about so much more than studying. "When you choose to come to Bologna," said a recent IU study abroad participant, "you choose the real deal. Even with the guidance of the program, I never felt like an American living an American lifestyle never getting to fully know Italia. Instead, I felt like a genuine part of Italian life." Indiana University has one of the oldest US study abroad programs at the oldest university in Europe—Bologna, but also offers a summer program in Florence for less advanced language students. Either way, it’s a wonderful experience that goes far beyond books and papers!

For more information on requirements and applications, visit the IU Office of Overseas Study.

IU Programs


  • Overseas Study Scholarships
  • Carol Ann Brush Hofstadter Memorial Scholarship: All applicants for the Bologna study-abroad program can apply for this scholarship, named in memory of Carol Ann Brush Hofstadter, a former participant in an IU summer program in Bologna who returned to Italy with her family in 1993. After her unexpected and untimely death during that stay, her husband, Professor Douglas Hofstadter (Cognitive Science), created this scholarship in her memory.

Co-Sponsored Programs

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