Major or Minor in Italian

Why Major in Italian?

An Italian major can enhance your qualifications and open doors in various career fields including education, business, public relations, journalism, arts administration, and diplomacy, just to name a few. In our globalized society, foreign language skills, and also the ability to understand another culture, are highly valued. Italian in particular is an important language: it is spoken by 55 million people in Italy and 62 million people throughout the world. Italy has the 7th largest economy in the world and is a major political force in Europe. The Italian culture has also had a profound influence here in the United States. An Italian major is a great choice for many reasons!

Italian Major Requirements

Students must complete 30 credit hours in Italian courses above M100-M150, including at least:

  1. 7 credit hours in fourth-year courses
  2. One 3 credit, fourth-year course taken on the Bloomington campus, exclusive of X493
  3. 25 credit hours must be earned by completing courses taught in Italian; the remaining credit hours may be earned by completing courses taught in English offered through the Italian program (FRIT-M courses)
  4. At least 18 credit hours must be at the 300-400 level
  5. A minimum of 18 credit hours on the Bloomington campus

Students must complete the degree requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences. Check the College Bulletin requirements here (or see below) for the year you began your studies at IU.

For students at IU who began prior to Summer 2013

The requirements for the Italian Major changed in Summer 2013. Students who matriculated prior to the change can elect to follow the previous major requirements: 27 credit hours in Italian above M100/M150, or 25 credit hours above M100-M150 after successful completion of M215, including at least 7 credit hours in fourth-year courses, and one 3 credit, fourth-year course taken on the Bloomington campus exclusive of M495. These older major requirements do not allow any courses taught in English to be counted for the Italian major.

Why Minor in Italian?

By getting an Italian minor, students show competence in the language, which is important for jobs in many fields in our global economy. The minor also prepares students for travel in Italy and is a useful supplement to majors where original sources are in Italian (fine arts, history, philosophy, journalism, etc.). Students in the natural and mathematical sciences have also found that an Italian minor enhances their credentials, showing their education is well-rounded. After completing the College of Arts & Sciences foreign language requirement of 4 semesters of Italian, only 3 more courses are required to complete an Italian minor.

Italian Minor Requirements

At least 15 credit hours of course work past the second semester, including:

  • M200 and M250, or M215
  • at least 2 courses from among: M300, M301, M305, M306, M307, M308, and M390
  • at least one course at the 400 level
  • A grade of C- or better must be earned in a course for it to count towards the minor credit requirements.

Links to minor requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin

Declaring an Italian Major or Minor

Students wishing to declare a major or minor in Italian are required to meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Italian.

Photo of Colleen Ryan

Professor Colleen Ryan

Director of Undergraduate Studies in Italian | (812) 855-1249 | GA 3165

Contact Prof. Ryan for advice on Italian courses, declaring a major or minor, and other inquiries.
Spring 2019 Office Hours: Weds. 1-3pm

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