Overseas Study in French

“I was surprised at how much I learned about myself; it seemed to be the biggest thing I took away from this experience,” said a recent Aix-en-Provence program participant. “Your vocab will never get better sitting in a classroom twice a week; it just won’t compare to going abroad. You will become so confident in your language, but also confident in anything you do if you study abroad.” These are not unusual comments from students returning from study abroad—it really is an incredible, enriching experience! In Aix, the IU/Wisconsin program has both a resident director (a French faculty member from IU or Wisconsin) and an assistant director who is a year-round resident of the city and knows all the local details to help you on the way. Check out this or a co-sponsored program right away so you can plan ahead for your time abroad!

For more information on programs offered through IU, visit the Office of Overseas Study.

IU Programs


  • Overseas Study Scholarships
  • Alice and Roy E. Leake Overseas Study Scholarship: This scholarship is for students who participated in the IU Honors Program in Foreign Languages in France while they were in high school, and are now planning to spend a year on the IU program in Aix-en-Provence. Roy Leake was a professor of French in the Department of French and Italian for 27 years, and he was instrumental in developing various overseas study programs. He served as director of the program in Strasbourg 1967-68 and directed the high school honors program in St. Brieuc 1970-1974. Alice Leake supported her husband and his students during the overseas study programs, and both shared a love of France and a belief in the great benefits of study abroad.

Co-Sponsored Programs

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