Certificate in Global French

We are pleased to offer the new Certificate in Global French as of Fall 2015! The Certificate allows students to develop professional and interdisciplinary skills focused on French and Francophone culture in the world. It is more than a minor and less than a major, and perfect for students who want to integrate French with their other studies.

General Requirements for the Certificate

  • Total credit hours among the three categories must equal at least 24.
  • At least 18 credit hours of course work in FRIT-F courses.
  • At least 18 hours of course work taught in French.
  • At least one 400-level course in FRIT-F, taught in Bloomington, to meet the requirements of any of the three categories.
  • One or two courses from outside the Department of French and Italian.
  • A maximum of 6 credit hours (maximum 3 credit hours for students beginning in Fall 2016 or later) in a student's major may be credited toward the Certificate in Global French.
  • A maximum of 9 credit hours from study abroad programs may be counted toward the certificate

Students should also note:

  • Students pursuing a major or minor in French are not eligible for this certificate. (Students must generally choose between the minor, the major, and the certificate; they cannot normally be combined.)
  • If your first IU French course is F250 or a 300 level course, you may be eligible for Special Credit. Check our "Placement and Permissions" page for details.

Required Courses

  1. French Language courses (6–9 cr.) solidify French skills in writing, speaking, listening and reading.
    • F250 or 3 credits of F265 (may be fulfilled through placement exam and validation course)
    • One or two courses chosen from F313, F314, F315, F316, F401, F402, F474.
  2. Intercultural Understanding (9–15 cr.) courses promote an understanding of French/Francophone culture and encourage reflection on how it is like or unlike the student's own culture.
    1. Culture through literary expression (6–9 cr.):
      • F300 (must be completed on the Bloomington campus)
      • One or two courses chosen from F305, F306, F375, or any 400-level literature course
    2. General culture and film (3–6 cr.)
      • One or two courses chosen from F222, F225, F226, F227, F310, F311, F361, F362, F363, F450, F460, F461, F463, F467.
  3. France and French in the World (6-9 cr.) are courses that bring in a global perspective from other disciplines (such as history, business, anthropology, political science, economics, sociolinguistics, art history or comparative literature), as approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies or selected from the list below.
    1. Courses inside the Department of French and Italian (3-6 cr) chosen from F222, F225, F226, F227, F310, F311, F317, F375, F401, F460–467 or other courses with relevant content as approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.
    2. Courses outside French and Italian (3-6 cr); students may complete any course from the approved list. The Director of Undergraduate Studies may approve other courses on a case-by-case basis depending on the topic for a given semester. Courses must normally be at the 300-400 level. A maximum of 3 hours can count toward this certificate and also toward another major, minor, or certificate in the College of Arts and Sciences (see the Policy on Counting a Course toward Multiple Degree Objectives).

In fulfilling the above requirements, students must meet all other College requirements for certificates(2018-2019).

Approved courses outside of the Department of French and Italian

African American and African Diaspora Studies

  • AAAD-A 304 Black Paris, joint-listed with CMLT-C 363

African Studies

  • AFRI-L 400 / ANTH-E400 (Approved topic: West Africa: History, Society, and Culture" OR "Film, Culture and Development in West Africa" —taught by IU faculty Director in the Dakar, Senegal, Summer Program)


  • ANTH-E 300 Culture Areas and Ethnic Groups (Approved topic: Islam in and out of Africa)
  • ANTH-E 309 Problems in African Ethnography

Art History

Medieval Period

  • ARTH-A 322 Romanesque and Gothic Art
  • ARTH-A 323 Illuminated Manuscripts in the Middle Ages: Form, Function, and Audience (Approved topic: Monks, Nuns and Medieval Art)
  • ARTH-A 423 Romanesque Art
  • ARTH-A 426 The Medieval City

Renaissance/Modern Period

  • ARTH-A 341 Nineteenth-Century European Art
  • ARTH-A 440 Nineteenth-Century Painting I
  • ARTH-A 441 Nineteenth-Century Painting II

Comparative Literature

  • CMLT-C 363 Black Paris, joint-listed with FRIT-F 310 and AAAD-A 304

European Studies, Institute for

  • EURO-W 301 Modern European Politics and Society (joint-listed with POLS-Y 335)


  • HIST-B 356 French Revolution and Napoleon
  • HIST-B 357 Modern France
  • HIST-B 366 Paris and Berlin in the 1920s: A Cultural History
  • HIST-J 300 Seminar in History (depending on topic)
  • HIST-J 301 Seminar in History for Teachers (depending on topic)


  • LING-L 315 Introduction to Sociolinguistics (depending on instructor)
  • LING-L 481 Language in Africa

Media School, The

  • MSCH-F 398 National and Transnational Cinemas (depending on topic)

Political Science

  • POLS-Y 335 West European Politics (joint-listed with EURO-W 301)
  • POLS-Y 350 Politics of the European Union

Declaring a French Major, Minor or Certificate

Students wishing to declare a major or minor in French or a Certificate in Global French are required to meet with our Director of Undergraduate Studies in French.

Photo of Barbara Vance

Professor Barbara Vance

Director of Undergraduate Studies in French

bvance@indiana.edu | (812) 855-1952 | GA 3171

Office Hours:
Wednesdays drop in advising: 12-2pm (undergrad.)
2-4pm (course advising)
Friday 9:15-12:00 by appt. only
sign up sheet outside of 3171 or
Email fritdept@indiana.edu to make an appt.

Contact Prof. Vance for advice on French courses, declaring a major or minor, Certificate in Global French and transferring French credits from study abroad or from another university.

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