Financial Support

Departmental Fellowships

Recruitment Fellowships

Each year, the Department offers recruitment fellowships to its most outstanding graduate applicants in French/Francophone Studies, French Linguistics, and Italian Studies. In addition to a full fellowship available in each of the three PhD areas, the department also offers smaller, “top up” fellowships that are added to the Associate Instructor stipend.

Marvin Moody Fellowship in French Linguistics

IU alumnus Marvin Moody has established a fellowship fund through which the very best applicants in French Linguistics may receive recruitment funds to begin their graduate students in French linguistics at IU.

Weathers/Young Fellowship in French

This fellowship is for advanced PhD students who have completed all requirements except the dissertation. It is a one semester fellowship with a value of half the current AI stipend, intended to allow students to focus on their dissertation research. The fellowship is funded through two accounts at the IU Foundation. The Weathers Fund was endowed by an heir of Gertrude Weathers, an alumna of our French program and a long-time teacher of French in Indiana high schools. The Grace P. Young Fund, established in honor of Dr. Young, who was an instructor of French at IU 1917-23 and professor of French here from 1923 to 1956.

University Fellowships

In addition to the fellowships offered by the Department of French and Italian, Indiana University offers fellowships to new and current students through a competitive process through the University Graduate School and the College of Arts and Sciences.

University Graduate School Fellowships

  • Educational Opportunity Fellowship – for first-generation College graduates
  • Adam W. Herbert Graduate Fellowship – for graduates of historically black colleges and universities in the US
  • Ronald E. McNair Graduate Fellowships – for outstanding McNair scholars
  • Future Faculty Teaching Fellowships – for advanced doctoral students
  • IU Credit Union Dissertation Fellowship – for the last year of writing the PhD dissertation
  • Irving and Shirley Brand Graduate Fellowship – for new or continuing students
  • Santosh Jain Scholarship for International Graduate Students – to recognize commitment to service, need-based
  • Wells Graduate Fellowship

College of Arts and Sciences Fellowships

View fellowships

  • John H. Edwards Fellowship
  • Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fellowship
  • Dissertation-Year Research/Completion Fellowship

As you consider applying for year-long fellowships, please note carefully whether fee remissions are included. Often they are not, as it is presupposed that you will be enrolling in G901 throughout the term of the fellowship. Some external awards do not provide health insurance. Be sure to check! Also, be aware that many awards require that you be officially nominated to candidacy for eligibility. The point is to READ CAREFULLY to avoid unpleasant surprises. There are many other awards available. The UGS website lists several under External Awards, and your advisors and colleagues may know of others. Many organizations and conferences also offer funding for travel and research.


These are the posted deadlines for grants and fellowships of the department, the College of Arts and Sciences (COAS), and the University Graduate School (UGS) for which there are earlier departmental deadline as well. These are necessary because these applications must be vetted by the Graduate Affairs Committee before the department submits them to COAS or the UGS.

AwardFRIT Referral RequiredInternal Deadline (for students)External Deadline (for dept only)
CAHI Fall Travel GrantYesSeptember 14, 2018n/a
COAS Fall Travel GrantYesOctober 8, 2018October 19, 2018
Future Faculty Teaching FellowshipNoOctober 26, 2018n/a
Herman B. Wells Doctoral FellowshipYesNovember 6, 2018November 16, 2018
Dolores Zohrab Liebmann FellowshipYesDecember 5, 2018January 9, 2019
COAS Dissertation Year FellowshipYesDecember 7, 2018January 18, 2019
COAS Dissertation Completion FellowshipYesDecember 7, 2018January 18, 2019
John H. Edwards FellowshipYesJanuary 26, 2019February 8, 2019
Educational Opportunity Fellowship (EOF)YesFebruary 1, 2018April 6, 2018
Recruitment FellowshipsYesn/aFebruary 1, 2019
Grant-in-Aid of Doctoral Research GrantYesOctober 9, 2018October 19, 2018
Grant-in-Aid of Doctoral Research Grant (Spring)YesJanuary 29, 2019February 8, 2019
CAHI Spring Travel GrantYesFebruary 8, 2019n/a
COAS Spring Travel GrantYesMarch 18, 2019March 29, 2019
Irving and Shirley Brand Graduate FellowshipYesFebruary 26, 2019March 8, 2019
President's Diversity Dissertation FellowshipYesJanuary 15, 2019February 1, 2019
Santosh Jain Scholarship for International Graduate StudentsYesFebruary 26, 2019March 8, 2019

Graduate Assistantships


All applicants to our graduate programs are considered for the financial support of an Associate Instructor (AI) position. AIs are part-time teachers of language in the Department and are responsible for teaching their own sections of French or Italian (normally one section in one semester and two in the other) under the guidance of the course director. All AIs are required to hold two office hours each week during the period they are teaching. Each academic year, an AI is observed at least once by his/her course supervisor, who discusses the observation with the AI. All new AIs are required to participate in AI Orientation, held before the start of Fall classes. For more information about AI requirements and policies, refer to the appropriate Graduate Student Handbook.

French AI Positions

New AIs are required to enroll in the Practicum in College French Teaching (F572, 1 credit hour) during the fall semester of the first year of teaching. They are also required to enroll in the course Methods in College French Teaching (F573, 3 credit hours) during the spring semester.

Italian AI Positions

All new Italian AIs are required to enroll in M572, Italian Teaching Practicum, during their first semester. All Italian AIs must also take M573, Methods of Italian Language Teaching, in their first or second year. Associate Instructor positions are renewed based on pedagogical performance and adequate academic progress. Funding may be suspended or revoked for students who receive a grade of "fail" or "low pass" in their MA or Ph.D. exams. Associate Instructors or graduate students who receive departmental financial support, and wish to be considered for reappointment, cannot have more than one incomplete at the end of the academic year.

Special AI Positions

In addition to Associate Instructor positions in language classes, advanced students with adequate pedagogical skills to grade compositions in English may also have the opportunity to serve as Associate Instructors in large lecture courses taught by French and Italian faculty members in the College's Critical Approaches Curriculum. Such assignments carry a tuition fee remission as well as a stipend comparable to the usual AI stipend. View the guidelines for such appointments. While the Department makes every attempt to make such special teaching duties the ONLY teaching duties an AI has during a given semester, there may be times when an AI is asked to both teach as part of a large lecture course and teach one section in the language sequence.

Non-Teaching Assistantships

In addition to AI positions, the Department offers a few non-teaching appointments for graduate students as research assistants or graduate assistants. Duties in such positions may include bibliographic or transcription work related to faculty research projects, or assistance with courses such as introducing and presenting films or grading quizzes. View the guidelines for such appointments.

Conditions of Reappointment

Conditions of renewal of Associate Instructorships include the following:

  • Good academic standing: a GPA of at least 3.2.
  • Good teaching standard. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Meet pedagogical effectiveness, as explained throughout the Orientation Week, and as requested by the language supervisor
    • Respect the syllabus of the classes you are teaching
    • Communicate all necessary information and deliver course materials to the students
    • Prepare original and coherent lesson plans
    • Follow suggestions for teaching improvement given by the course supervisor
    • Grade homework and assessments in a timely fashion
    • Give an effective and professional feedback to the students
    • Maintain good midterm and/or end of the semester evaluations
    • Maintain professional behavior in regards to students, peers or supervisor
  • Good progress toward the degree:
    • Incompletes should be taken only as a last resort and be quickly converted into grades before the beginning of the next term (in the case of incompletes taken in the spring semester, students are required to remove them within three weeks).
    • Students with one or more incompletes on their record at the beginning of a semester may lose their SAA status.
    • The AI should be working to fulfill degree requirements at a reasonable rate (please refer to MA and PhD exams section for the required timing).
  • Good professional standards and ethical conduct. The Italian program will not renew the SAA status of students who do not maintain professional standards and/or ethical conduct.
  • Associate instructors who do not meet pedagogical standards and the required GPA within the same semester will lose their SAA status.

The terminations above may occur immediately or be in effect from the following term or academic year, according to the situation and the pedagogical needs of the department.

Term limitations

  • No more than two years of funding will be offered to MA students who will not continue on to the PhD
  • Students who earn an MA degree in the Department and continue on to the PhD may receive a maximum of 5 years (10 semesters) of funding
  • Students who have already received an MA degree at another institution and are pursuing the PhD in the Department may receive a maximum of 4 years (eight semesters) of funding.
  • AIs who switch from the French linguistics to the French/Francophone Studies program (or vice versa) may be eligible to receive an additional semester or two of funding at the discretion of the Department.

All forms of support by the department and the university count toward the maximum 5 years (10 semesters) of support for a PhD student who enters the program without a Masters degree, or a maximum of 4 years for those who enter with an MA degree. This includes internal and external fellowships, exchange years in France, and any Student Academic Appointments.

Considering these five-year limits on departmental financial support for PhD students, we urge students to complete all course work in three to four years and then directly begin work on the dissertation. Those entering with an MA degree should complete all course work within 2 years.

On occasion, graduate students take teaching positions elsewhere or leave IU yet still have semesters of support remaining. The department must agree in advance whether the student can utilize any remaining funding if he/she returns to the FRIT department. Once the student decides to stay away from IU for a second year, the department no longer has any obligation to hold further funding. Exceptions may be made for a student who receives a prestigious external fellowship.

Enrollment Requirements

All Associate Instructors are required to enroll in two French/Italian graduate courses (depending on program of study) each semester in order to maintain their AIships. Exceptions can be made at advanced levels with permission of the graduate advisor. Students holding appointments as associate instructors, graduate assistants, or research assistants must be registered for 6 credit hours of graduate coursework during each semester of their appointment. At the dissertation level, enrollment in six credit hours of F/M 875 is recommended. We advise that the less expensive G901 thesis credits be saved for when the student has run out of departmental funding.

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