Online and Hybrid Courses

The Department of French & Italian offers beginning and intermediate language courses online, and we welcome IU students, students from other colleges or universities, guest students, and high school students to enroll in these courses. If you are not currently a student at IU, please click on the appropriate tab for information on how to enroll. We also offer hybrid language classes on the Bloomington campus. These are 4-credit elementary language classes where 3 hours are spent in the classroom, and the fourth credit is earned through work done online. Please click the appropriate tab for more information. If you have any questions, please contact the Director of Italian Language Instruction, Karolina Serafin or the Director of French Language Instruction, Kelly Sax

Info for Non-IU students

Verify your dates with the IU Calendar

Non-IU students are very welcome in our online French and Italian courses. Unlike some courses that you could sign up for anytime, our online courses do follow the IU calendar for the traditional Spring, Summer and Fall schedules. Each course proceeds at the pace determined by the instructor and would require keeping up with that pace. Visit the IU calendar here for class dates.

Course fee Information

The fees for online classes are the same as they are for regular classes taught on the IU-Bloomington campus. Students pay by credit hour, either in-state or out of state tuition depending on the situation. The first-year classes (100/150 level) are 4 credits and the second year classes (200/250 level) are three credits. Please check the bursar website for current course fees. (Choose the term you wish to begin under Fee Rates and choose "credit hour" under the Category drop down)

Admission to IU as a non degree student

The first step is to be admitted to IU-Bloomington as a non-degree student. More info about this can be found on the University Division website. After reading about the nondegree program and requirements, you should complete the following form, have it notarized and then fax or email back to the University Division. (The form is found here.)

Indiana University ID number and login name

Once the visiting/non-degree application has been submitted and the application has been approved, an Indiana University ID number will be issued. With this IUID, you can obtain an IU computing username and set your passphrase.

Class registration

Once you have your IU computing account, you can log in and register for classes through Type class registration in the search box to get to the right application.

Ensuring correct placement

If a student has previous language experience and is unsure of the appropriate level to enroll in, then the online placement test is recommended. More information can be found by looking either on the French or Italian link on our website. You will see a link on those pages for more information. This will take you to the Office of First Year Experience website. Click on the red link for the Foreign Language Placement Exam (FLPE) in order to access the exam. There is a current charge of $50 (non-refundable) to take the test, and this will be charged to your bursar account. You can only take the exam after you have been issued an IUID and IU computing username

If for some reason you are unable to take the placement test, please arrange a time to talk with either Professor Serafin or Sax (in person or by phone/Skype) to determine the appropriate course level.

Please note:Auditing language classes is not permitted.

High School OPEN program

High school students who wish to sign up for an online course can do so through the On-campus Precollege Enrollment Non-degree (OPEN) Program.

To register for this program the student must have an enrollment form signed by his/her high school guidance counselor. The form should indicate the course and section in which the student wants to enroll. (To find this info check our courses page here.)

Instructors are usually not assigned until right before the semester begins. Therefore the OPEN student often cannot obtain the instructor's signature, in which case the department chairperson or a departmental staff member can sign. Please email the Department of French and Italian to arrange a time to do that, or call 812-855-1952.

After the form is signed, please consult the OPEN website "How to Apply" page to see how to register.

Online Courses

Taking Italian or French online not an easy way out of the language requirement. The online courses are as challenging as our regular courses, and you will have to dedicate as much time and work as you normally do for each in-class credit hour. Online courses give you flexibility so you can adapt the learning process to the demands of your busy schedule. Our instructors are always available to help with any difficulties you might have -- do not hesitate to contact us whenever you might need anything. Remember that even though it is an online course we do require you to learn how to speak the language, and this is why the presence during our virtual classroom time is mandatory.

Skills: Like all our language courses, the online Italian and French programs focuses on developing students’ competency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Format: These courses are entirely online. Students will not need to be physically present on campus in order to take these classes.

Resources: Students will need to have access to a computer with a microphone, headphones, a video camera and high speed internet.

Schedule: Since it is online, the class requires students to work independently and follow a very structured syllabus. Each day, students will be involved in a variety of online tasks such as reading, listening, completing exercises, posting writing assignments and recording responses online.

Once a week during the virtual classroom time (or twice a week during the shorter summer sessions), students will meet with their instructor and a small number of classmates on Adobe Connect.

The instructor will be available for online office hours twice a week.

Note: we also have accelerated classes in Italian (M110, M115, M215) and French (F115, F265), as well as evening classes that are more traditional classroom-based learning experiences. You can find them here.

Virtual Textbooks


For M100 and M150: We will use the textbook Sentieri published by Vista Higher Learning and the accompanying Supersite. Buy the online textbook through their website. The first option ("Hardcover format") also gives you a hard copy of the textbook, which is optional. The second option ("Digital format") covers everything that is required.

For M200 and M250: We will use the textbook Immagina, which also has a Supersite. Buy the textbook and online components through their website.


For F100/F150, we will use My French Lab online site which includes the Chez Nous etext and accompanying online exercises, published by Pearson. The access code for course materials is available for purchase through your Canvas course site (click on My Lab and then Mastering on the left hand menu).

For F200/F250, we will use My French Lab online site which includes the Reseau etext and accompanying online exercises, published by Pearson. The access code for course materials is available for purchase through your Canvas course site (click on My Lab and then Mastering on the left hand menu).

View current online classes on our course listings page here.

Hybrid Courses

Our new hybrid courses are computer enhanced, which means a combination of traditional classroom time and online instruction.

Both the first-semester (F/M 100) and second-semester (F/M 150) courses meet in class three days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday OR Monday, Wednesday and Thursday); however they are worth four credits. Students will practice all language skills with the instructor. These courses also involve independent work by students, a portion of which will be performed online via the virtual textbook website.

The fourth weekly meeting which was formerly a normal part of our language courses will be substituted by reading, listening, completing exercises, posting writing assignments and recording your speech on the virtual textbook website.

The evening classes of F/M 100 and F/M 150, as well as the accelerated courses F115, M110, M115, M215 and F265 do NOT follow the hybrid format. These are more traditional, 100% classroom-based courses.

View classes on our course listings page here.

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